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Men Aviator Jacket


Aviator Jackets For Men

Let Your Style do the Talking with our Men Aviator Jackets

Aviator jackets are a style adopted by pilots. The aviator jackets were first introduced for pilots who have to fly planes at high altitudes and thousands of meters above sea level in winter. But slowly, its attractive design, longevity and functionality make it more appealing to men to adopt in their daily lifestyle. Today, it is amongst the most bought men’s jacket categories. Black aviator jackets and vintage aviator jackets are the two most favorite types of leather jackets amongst men. 

Characteristics of Men Aviator Jackets

Provides Extra Warmth

Because it is designed for low-temperature survival for the pilots, extra protection has been used to make it, and the materials used are of high quality because its main feature is its warmth and protection from winter. And in countries like New Zealand where it is usually the weather is cold. So, it is a perfect option for the men’s there. Now, aviator jackets come in many forms, like men’s aviator jacket with fur collar, fur aviator jacket and faux shearling aviator jacket men. But all of them contain the basic functionality of extra warmth. 

Incredible Durability

When we think about buying a leather jacket of any sort, the first thing that comes to mind is durability. It is made from lambskin, which is durable enough to last for many years. If you take care of the jacket perfectly, it will even last a long time. 

Water- Resistance

Another excellent feature is that it is water-resistant. its characteristic makes it suitable for rainy areas and perfect for weather like spring and autumn, where you want to save yourself from rain and chilling weather. So, that is why it is  amongst the most considered options for men. 

Perfect Combinations with Men’s Aviator Jacket

The classic combo with men aviator Jacket brown

Brown is a fascinating colour, and if paired with the right options, it can transform a man’s personality from dull and boring to classy and dynamic with just a simple brown aviator jacket. For a casual look, you can wear a brown leather jacket with blue jeans or normal jeans, or black chinos would work best with it. As for shoes, you can wear white sneakers or trainers. 

Smart and Sophisticated look

For a sophisticated and innovative look, you can wear a black shearling aviator jacket men’s. Black is one of the most versatile colours. And it can easily be paired with multiple options. It also suits effortlessly and goes with any clothing. For an innovative and sophisticated look, you can wear a men’s aviator jacket with a black shirt as an inner layer and black jeans for a contrasting yet classy and remarkable look. With that, you can wear long black boots, and some accessories will take your style to the next level. And for all styling, another jacket NZ is here for you to give you the best-crafted aviator jackets according to your size, colour preference, and style. We ensure its quality endurance and that everything is top-notch, and you don’t have to worry about anything related to your jacket.

Frequently Asks Questions

How do you wear a black aviator jacket?

You can wear a black aviator jacket with plenty of options. You can pair it  up with blue jeans or distressed jeans with sneakers for casual look and daily routine work like walking, going for lunch etc. While for a formal and more sophisticated presence you can wear it with a black chinos or brown ones and for the shoes, you can wear long black boots and add some accessories, like sunglasses, and wristwatch. 

How do you take care of aviator jackets?

To care for your aviator jacket, you should use a wet cloth to clean stains. Don’t wash it in a washing machine, and read the instructions on the jacket. Store it in a cool an dry place, and don’t put it in direct sunlight. 

How do you choose the perfect aviator jacket?

To choose the perfect size of aviator jackets, you should consider jackets that are loose from the shoulder and chest to let you move freely. The sleeves should extend to the end of your wrist. 

Is the aviator jacket perfect for winter weather?

Aviator jackets are perfect for winters, because it has been made  for pilots in high altitudes with intense low-temperature areas. And the extra protection of fur and shearling with the lambskin as the whole cover is perfect for the winters.