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Women Faux Leather Jacket


Faux Leather Jackets For Women

Incredible Collection Of Women Faux Leather Jackets

For all the women out there who want the same comfort like leather, the same feel, designs, and colours, but that too under reasonable pricing. So, here we are with a collection of some fantastic faux leather jackets. Whether you are someone who prefers to be simple and sophisticated or one who wants to make a statement with her personality and wardrobe and look glamorous on every occasion, we have every type of faux leather jacket that will ultimately fulfill your dreams of looking gorgeous seamlessly. 

Whether you are a black jacket lover or want a brown faux leather jacket for your wardrobe, don’t worry; you don’t need to look any further because we are here with every type of jacket you have. Explore our range of incredible faux jackets. 

Features Of Faux Leather Jackets

  1. Because authentic leather jackets have some repetitive designs and the same patterns, they can’t maintain the fashion and comfort aspect at the same time. And because faux leather is not 100% authentic leather, and synthetic materials are used in it. There are plenty of unique designs available for you to try out and bring out your most amazing personality.
  2. Pricing is another factor that makes faux leather jacket NZ a better option for many. Because it is not 100% authentic leather, it is obviously cheaper than the real leather. And that makes it affordable for people who can’t buy real leather jackets. 
  3. Made from synthetic materials, no animal hide is used to make it. So, for all the vegans out there, it is the perfect option to wear style and comfort without even harming the animals and the environment.
  4. Its maintenance is quite low compared to real leather, which requires regular conditioning. But faux leather is easy to maintain and wash. 
  5. Making faux leather jackets requires significantly less water than natural leather jackets, which is beneficial for the environment. They are also UV resistant. 
  6. The faux leather jacket is lightweight and helps you move freely without feeling any burden on your neck and shoulders. 

Perfect Casual Style With Faux Leather Jacket

The styling depends on the colours and types of jackets that you have. So, if you have a classic black faux leather jacket or a women’s hooded faux leather jacket, you can easily style it. From a simple and sophisticated look to a bold and classy look, you can achieve both. 

Start with a contrasting colour, like white shirt and under black jacket, blue jeans and black ankle boots, which will give you the perfect simple yet stunning look. 

For a more general casual look, you can wear it with distressed jeans, heels, and some accessories like glasses, etc. 

The Professional Look

For a professional look, you should have more than black colour and a simple jacket. I am assuming that you have a faux brown leather jacket for women. Or faux fur jacket, NZ. With that, you can easily add a layer inside of a white T-shirt, black shirt, or grey sweater. These are for winter. But if you have to wear it in spring and autumn, only a signle shirt inside will work perfectly fine. You can wear pencil skirts or black denim with ankle boots for bottoms. 

Tips To Take Care Of Your Faux Leather Jacket

  1. Avoid direct sunlight on your faux leather jacket.
  2. Don’t use the product to clean faux leather jackets that you can’t use on your skin.
  3. Never use Bleach. I repeat, Never! As it will affect the structure of the jacket.
  4. Always use soft clothes to maintain durability and enhance the life of your jacket.
  5. Once you are done with the cleaning process. Wipe it with a mild detergent.

Frequently Asks Questions

Are faux leather jackets as durable as genuine leather jackets?

It depends on the quality of the faux leather, as many different variants of faux leather jackets are available in the market. But generally, real leather jackets are more durable. And there is a rich possibility that faux leather jackets will tear way before the genuine leather.

How do I clean and maintain a faux leather jacket?

Don’t use Bleach to clean your faux leather jacket, even if there is a big stain. Instead, use a soft cloth to clean it and then wipe it with another clean cloth. Use conditioners that are suitable for the skin. And to dry, don’t put it in a place where direct sunlight can reach.   

Are faux leather jackets worth it?

Faux leather jackets are definitely worth it if you buy them from a quality-focused brand like Leather Jacket NZ. Faux leather comes in many types and forms, and all of them have different functionalities. Overall, faux leather is an affordable option for a leather jacket that can last up to 2 to 5 years if cared for properly.