Quality Maintenance:

Leather jacket NZ always pays special attention when it comes to quality. Our team of experts is responsible for choosing the best material that can be used in the leather jacket for longevity and durability.

After gathering the best material following all the quality standards is what we ensure. And we do not compromise on our quality so, that the customers can get the ideal product.

Everything about our Leather Quality:

Genuine leather is formed when animal hides are treated with chemicals to stop rotting. Authentic leather is very durable and can easily last 5-7 years if cared for properly. Leather comes from many different animal hides, Such as Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, and horses.

The leather we use is gathered from our vendors, who treat animals with good care. We use domestic farm animals to produce our products. And that is what makes it less impactful on the environment. Additionally, we use a low-impact process for our leather manufacturing. And providing a safe and secure work place with decent salaries is what we offer to our employees as we care about our employees.

Our Supply Chain and Processes:

To be with the trend and deliver the product safely, quickly, and with the ideal quality are the tasks we handle efficiently.

We are aware of the quality standards and use eco-friendly practices for our leather jacket production so that we can deliver the products to our customers in the best manner possible.

Jacket Design Process

Customer wants a well-made jacket that should be perfect in designing, and crafting. For that, we use computing tools and our experienced craftsmen to produce the best output.

Trending, Fashionable and Simple Designs:

We make designs that are fashionable, simple, and vintage so that any type of customer can find jackets for themselves.

Affordable Prices:

Offering top quality made leather jackets that too in affordable prices is one of our primary aim. As we want more customers can get the benefit of these premium made jackets.

The Impact of Eco-Friendly Leather on the Environment:

Although we make offers genuine leather jackets as well as faux leather jackets. However, some people think there are no environmental hazards of using leather made up of plant-based materials. But plant based materials need to process with chemicals to make it wearable. but there is enormous industrial waste in this process. As well as eco-friendly leather is not durable.

However, we use animals that are raised for food and we use less impactful process and ensures the premium quality leather jackets for our customers.