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Women Aviator Jacket


Aviator Jackets For Women

Exquisite Collection of Leather Aviator Jacket Women at Leather Jackets NZ

Aviator jackets, also known as flight jackets, were made specially to provide warmth  to  the pilots during the flight in an open cockpit at high altitudes and temperatures. However, these jackets quickly gained popularity because of their extra warmth and distinctive designs, such as their shearling cuffs and collars, which enhance the personality’s style. It not only looks good on men, but women’s aviator jackets are in trend, too, because of their ability to make your personality glow even more. 

Aviator Jackets Are More Than Just Fashion!

It shows courage, confidence, and a dynamic personality. And when it comes to comfort and fashion, It suits even more. Aviator jackets women are stylish and fulfill their primary function of keeping the body warm and cozy even at the highest altitudes and lowest temperatures.

So, if you are looking for the right jacket option that can keep you warm and cozy with the latest fashion trends and styles. A piece jacket can also be more unique and functional than everyday jackets. Buying an aviator jacket is the best decision you can make. To help you with that leather jacket, NZ is here with its new arrival and plenty of classy designs and styles.

We offer amazingly crafted designs with precision and quality materials to make the most incredible jackets. These jackets will help you get a comfortable experience in winter and a stylish option to make it your wardrobe option. 

Getting the Right Fit

The aviator jacket should be snug from the neck and shoulders but not too tight from that side because then it won’t let you move freely. The length of the jacket should hit your hips, and the coat shouldn’t be too tight from the waist and chest area. The cuffs could work until the mid-palm. 

Styling of Women Aviator Jackets

Pairing it with the right options can give you versatility, class, and a dynamic look with comfort. To look gorgeous in winter and give yourself a fashion-forward style, you can wear timeless, versatile colours aviator jackets. Black and brown are the colors, and these are considered vintage aviator jackets. But the grace, confidence, and styling options available with these two are unmatched. But that doesn’t mean that bright colors won’t look great.

The colour palette is up to your preferences but these are the most preferred colours. As, black and brown aviator jacket women look amazing with multiple combinations. And with the bright colors, you have to trust your gut and do the experiment. 

With a black cropped aviator jacket women, the best combination is blue jeans and black or brown ankle boots, for an additional layer inside, you can wear gray, brown, or white shirts. With this combo, you can wear accessories like a chain, wristwatch, glasses, or cowboy hat. This will be a beautiful casual look. For an edgy look, you can wear a fur aviator jacket with a leather skirt for the edge of a sophisticated look. 

Although you can adapt the same style with a brown aviator jacket, the most fascinating look would be a black or white shirt or sweater inside. You can wear black pants and brown Oxford or Derby below. Removing the hat from the fashion can give a proper formal look. You can add heels to make that look semi-formal. And for other colors like white, red, maroon, etc., you must find another combination. 

Frequently Asks Questions

Are aviator jackets good for the winter season?

Aviator jackets are perfect for the winter season, as the main purpose of making these is to help pilots of open aircraft protect themselves from chilling weather at high altitudes. The jackets have shearling collars, cuffs, and some on the front, which reduces the chances of any air sneaking in.

How to wash an aviator jacket?

To wash aviator jackets, clean the stains with a soft cloth and remove any hard stains. Then, combine the mild soap or detergent with hot water. It would also help if you had a specialized conditioner for leather jackets.

What to style with a red aviator leather jacket?

You can wear dark colors to look more sophisticated and classy, like black pants with black boots and a black shirt as an inside layer. 

How to get the perfect size of aviator jacket?

You should know your size to get the perfect one. Measure your shoulders, chest, and body length and search the category or size in which your size falls. Then, check the available size option on the website. Also, make sure only to buy the jacket that is  neither  too tight nor too loose for a perfect dynamic look.