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Women Puffer Jacket


Puffer Jackets For Women

Boost Your Fashion Game With The Collection Of The Best Puffer Jacket Women

Winter is fine until the weather becomes too harsh. But for extremely cold weather, you have the option to wear extremely dapper, soft, and warm puffer jackets. Now, you don’t have to go out of fashion and add extra layers to keep your body warm. Leather Jacket NZ has a range of women’s puffer jackets that you can add to your winter wardrobe collection and make your presence even better with our stylish and comfy puffer jackets.

Exploring our range of puffer jackets will surely amaze you. And with a leather jacket NZ, you won’t regret buying anything, that’s for sure. 

Some History About Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets, also known as quilted jackets, are named because of the quilted designs and the puffy sections between the stitching section. Those sections are filled with synthetic fibers or down insulation. And both are really good at providing you with warmth. This jacket is specially designed to protect the body from chilling weather. And that is why there are also long puffer jacket NZ available in this type of jacket. So, that’s why the main focus in these jackets is warmth. But they are stylish enough to be worn casually, and you can also style it with your wardrobe.   

Types Of Puffer Jackets

Down-Filler Puffer Jackets

These jackets are lightweight and provide incredible warmth. The natural down leather used for this jacket comes from ducks or geese. 

This is a perfect type for women as you get a feather-light feeling with remarkable warmth, and its durability is also excellent. So, whether you choose black puffer jacket women or any other color, these puffer jacket women can bring tremendous elevation to your style. 

Synthetic Puffer Jackets

Synthetic-filler puffer jackets have puffs made from human-made polyester fibers. This is a budget-friendly option and perfect for those with an allergy to leather. Although they are less warm than down-filled puffer jackets, you can wear long puffer jackets that women for more warmth and style. 

Hybrid Puffer Jackets

Hybrid puffer jackets are mixed of both down-filled and synthetic puffer jackets. And that is why it gives all the features that both jackets offer. These are lightweight, provide the ultimate warmth, and offer good styling options. So, this is considered the best type of puffer jacket NZ women’s

Features of Our Collection of Puffer Jackets

Cozy & Comfortable

The first and the most important aspect of puffer jacket women NZ is comfort, and puffer jackets are made precisely to solve this while providing warmth. We use the highest-quality materials to make these puffer jackets. Whether you buy men’s puffer jackets or for women, we have plenty of options for you.

A Lightweight Option

Pure leather jackets or even any other type of jacket is way heavier than puffer jackets. And this makes it a better option for women’s puffer jackets NZ

Fully Functional

Our puffer jacket NZ is fully functional, with options like zippers, snap buttons, and pockets outside and inside. 

Water Resistant & Windproof

Where the durability of leather jackets is reduced in water, puffer jackets don’t allow water to sink in. This makes them an even better option for the rainy season as well. Also, these puffer jackets are windproof, which is why they are the best option for autumn and spring, too. 

Easy to Pack & Easy to Care

These puffer jackets are easy to care for. You can wash them in a washing machine, and they don’t need any special care. Also, because they are lightweight and puffy, they are even easier to pack and store. 

Frequently Asks Questions

How to wash a puffer jacket?

The best way to wash your puffer jacket is to soak it for 45-60 minutes in warm to cold water, then wash it gently using a mild detergent. You can also give it a short spin in a washing machine. 

Are puffer jackets waterproof?

Puffer jackets vary in different forms. One is fully waterproof, another is somewhat water-resistant, and the third is not water-resistant at all. However, it is understood that puffer jackets are usually waterproof and wind-resistant.   

How should a puffer jacket fit?

Only buy puffer jackets that are fit enough that you can add an inside layer of a shirt and sweater. Buying too big is also not a good option. You can purchase long jackets, but not comprehensive ones, because these will not look good on you. 

How to wear a puffer jacket?

It depends on the color that you choose. You can add blue or black jeans if the color is black, blue, or brown. For the inner layer, you can wear a white shirt, sweater, or hoodie, and for the footwear, you can wear white sneakers or trainers.