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Men Faux Leather Jacket


Mens Faux Leather Jacket

A stylish and Affordable choice

If you are among those who are looking for sustainable and affordable options with stylish designs in leather jackets, you are not the only one. We have a stock of faux leather jackets for you to help you be stylish without putting a dent in your pocket

. A faux leather jacket for men is the best option for anyone who wants unique, creative and distinctive designs, textures or jacket variations. Mostly, original leather jackets have some boring and simple styles to choose from. Our inventory for you is astonishing in terms of designs, quality and pricing. 

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Faux Leather Jackets:

For vegans, this is the best choice because real leather jackets are made from animal hide. That means you have to slaughter animals to make original leather jackets. But faux leather jackets are made from PVC or PU, so this makes them a better option for any vegan. 


Durability is another reason to consider buying this option instead of genuine leather jackets. These are made from synthetic materials like plastic, which are more durable than real leather. This means that they have a longer life than the original leather jacket.


Original leather jackets contribute to deforestation and climate change. On the other hand, faux leather jackets are made from recycled or plant-based elements, which makes them an even better option to consider in comparison to authentic leather jackets. 


The cost of making these jackets is lower than the cost of making real jackets, and that is why they are a more affordable option than the real jacket. And if you are getting the perfect look and even enhanced colours, range of designs, textures, and styles like faux leather biker jackets and leather faux fur jackets, then why spend too much money and contribute to climate change and deforestation?

Variety of Designs and Colours:

While original jackets come in only some specific colours, like Black, Brown, White, or red etc, a faux leather jacket for men comes in many light and dark shades. Not only that, but the variety of designs is far more stylish and attractive than genuine leather jackets. With more options, you can try combinations that will help you explore yourself.

Effortless Care:

For genuine leather jackets, customers have to take great care of them, applying special conditioners to clean them. But with faux leather jackets, men can quickly return them to their shine with a simple wipe with a cloth. The process is simple: Either you hava a black faux leather jacket or any other colour. You only have to wipe the coat with a simple cloth.

What should you wear with a faux leather jacket?

Styling depends on the occasion. Pair Men Leather Jackets with a simple tee and jeans if you want a casual look. If you choose a light or dark brown faux jacket, pairing it with blue jeans and white sneakers will complete the look. Choosing black or other colours like white or red changes preferences. For a black faux jacket, white, brown chinos, or black derbies. For the blue faux, you can choose white chinos with black or brown oxfords, trainers, or sneakers.

How do you choose the best Faux leather jacket?

  • Firstly, and most importantly, you should pick the one that has been made with high-quality material. These jackets are available in a variety of different materials. Ensuring good material means that the jacket will last many years.
  • Fitting is as vital as quality because you need comfort and the one in which you can easily move. Not being too short, not too long, not too tight, and not too loose are factors that play a role in choosing the ideal match for your body. And you will find all different faux leather jacket nz sizes at leather jacket NZ.
  • Matching your vibe is what you should look for. Try different combinations of faux leather jackets for men to find the ideal type that suits you perfectly. For example, try faux fur jackets, faux leather biker jackets, and many more options available at Leather Jacket NZ to find the perfect option.

Frequently Asks Questions

How to clean faux leather jacket?

First, clean any dust or curst on it, then clear it with soapy water or a wet cloth, clean heavy stains. Only put the jacket into the washing machine which is washable. Otherwise, use a cloth to clean it. You can Clean it with a conditioner too.  

How do you care for a faux leather jacket?

Avoid direct sunlight contact as much as possible because it will not only fade the colours but also the jacket might start peeling after some time. 

How do you remove odour from a faux leather jacket?

Deodorizers or a freeze spray bottle can remove any odour from faux leather jackets. 

How to wash a faux leather jacket?

If your jacket is washable, put it in the washing machine otherwise. Wash it with a cloth or apply conditioner, then let it dry for some time.  

Are faux leather jackets tacky?

Usually, faux jackets are only tacky if the coat’s material is too shiny. Otherwise, they are NOT.