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Varsity Jackets For Women

The Class And Distinct Style Of Varsity Jacket For Women

Let’s return to history to understand its origin, initial purpose, and why varsity jackets are unique and have different designs than others. It originated in the USA in the 19th century and was made for the high school sports team. Before modern dynamic varsity jackets, these were simple sweaters with a high school logo. But gradually, they have become what they are now. First, the sleeves were added to the jacket for more comfort, than buttons and so on.

Grab a fantastic women’s varsity jacket to lift your casual outings and embrace a new look. These jackets give more options to adopt incredible combinations and look exceptionally well. If you are here, this means you are looking for a varsity jacket woman. So, calm down as you land on the website or a brand that has been understanding and catering to the needs of women and ensuring that everyone looks the best version of themselves. Explore our immensely detail-oriented and quality-focused varsity jacket collection to give yourself a new glamorous look this season.

Critical Elements Of Varsity Jackets

Range Of Colour Combinations:

Varsity women’s jackets are known for their spectacular color combinations that are compelling enough to make a personality even more attractive. Mainly, varsity jackets are a combination of two colors, One at the front and back and the other on its sleeves and collars. You can easily explore many color combinations and adopt a new look quickly.

Its Beauty Increases With Its Patches

A varsity jacket contains chenille patches, which elevate the coat’s beauty. Motorcycle jackets have the same kind of patches, but they look more appealing on varsity jackets. These patches could be your college logo, or you can customize them. Where you have to wear Bomber Jackets for warmth, Varsity jackets give this with style as well pretty easily.

Unique Sleeves, Buttons, and Collar

There is no other type of jacket that has this many unique elements. For example, its leather sleeves, snap buttons, and ribbed collars with color strips make it a distinct option. All these options make varsity jackets a formidable choice, and you can choose a varsity bomber jacket for women, which is fantastic and unique. If you are making up your mind about that, you should go through our collection to get a clearer view.

Styling Options With Varsity Jackets

  1. First, you can style a varsity jacket with a simple, plain, single-color T-shirt for a casual look with a more fashion-forward touch. Distressed jeans and simple jeans or denim both look fine. For footwear, you can wear heels, sneakers, or trainers.
  2. For a formal look, you should wear long boots in dark color. Black and white are the most considered varsity jackets for men. It also looks incredible on women; and with this, you can go with multiple other combinations.
  3. For an Athletic look, you can pair your varsity jacket with leggings, joggers, or sneakers for an aesthetic and athletic look.
  4. Another way to wear your varsity jacket is to add a layer of sweater or hoodie. This gives you warmth, comfort, and style in winter and can be an excellent combination for a picnic, college event, etc.
  5. Suppose, you wear a varsity bomber jacket NZ. So, without accessories, it might look dull. So, that’s why you should add some accessories to your varsity jackets, like sunglasses, wristwatches, chains, hats, handbags, etc. These accessories will elevate your personality.

Choosing The Best Varsity Jackets For Women

  1. Understanding your size is crucial, like shoulders and waist measurements. Although you will find the available sizes on websites, you should choose accordingly. Or ask the store about your size.
  2. The material should be genuine leather and wool, and at Leather Jacket NZ, all varsity jackets are crafted using premium quality material.
  3. Go through different shades of colors to find the best color and shade for yourself.
  4. Analyze the extra features like pockets or patches and talk to the store about the customization if you want. 

Frequently Asks Questions

What Is The History Behind Varsity Jackets?

Varsity jackets or letterman jackets were first worn by high-school sports teams in the 19th century in the USA. However, after that, more iterations were made for multiple reasons. In the early days, the varsity jacket was simply a sweater with the school logo, and then sleeves and snap buttons for extra protection and warmth. And then it slowly became popular all over the world.

How Can I Style a Varsity Jacket For a Modern and Trendy Look?

To style your jacket in a modern style, you need to choose a color you like. For bottoms, you can wear black leggings, chinos, or regular jeans. Distressed jeans will also work for a more casual look. and for shoes, you can wear trainers or trendy sneakers. 

Are Varsity Jackets Suitable For Both Men and Women?

YES, varsity jackets are among the most preferred jacket types for both men and women because of their various colors and designs.