Selecting the right leather:

Choosing the right leather is our first step. We know that original leather is durable, and it is made from cotton, too. And it looks good over time. The more time passes, the better the leather will look. The versatility and classy look of genuine leather can last ages.

We also make faux leather jackets, which are more stylish and affordable options. However, authentic leather jackets are more durable than cotton or faux leather.

Cutting and Preparation:

In the cutting and preparation step, our craftsmen remove all the hair, blood, dirt, etc, from the animal hide, then cut it per the jacket’s requirement as we understand how important tanning is. And that is why we always keep in mind that the process of preparation and tanning of the leather should be done perfectly.

Drying and Cleaning

The drying and cleansing process is the next step in our working cycle. Drying and cleansing make the leather soft and usable in a product.

Sewing and Stitching:

Sewing and stitching precisely that, too, as per the pattern and design, adding inner lining, cutting, and all the decorative components of the jacket is our next step in the process. We have an incredible team of Craftsmen who have the machinery and tools required to deliver the product according to the given size, design, and variation.

Cutting and Stitching:

We want our customers to wear leather jackets without having the worry in mind of less-durability, comfort and style. To achieve this, our designers and craftsman put all their effort into making a perfectly cut and stitched leather jacket for our customers.

Design elements:

Whether you are a fashion-forward person or want simple designs, your jacket should be made well and according to the design elements. We have tools and accessories that helps us crafting the best possible jacket.

Inner Lining:

We have a vast range of leather jackets, and we use many different types of inner lining materials, such as Viscose inner lining, etc. It provides comfort, sung, and softness, so we use the highest quality material for that.

Evaluation of the product by the Quality Assurance Team:

Once the product is ready, then our quality assurance team analyses every product. After ensuring that fits the requirement and quality standard, the team send the product for packaging and delivery.

Delivery of the Product:

Once we check all the boxes, we deliver your product from a reliable delivery system to ensure that the customer receives the package safely and quickly. You can also track your shipment ID using a number we provide. We take every possible step to ensure the perfect delivery to our customers.