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Mens Biker Jacket

Mens Leather Biker Jacket

The Stamp of Elegance

Your Bike riding journey should be safe, secure, comfortable and stylish to be a memorable and easy one. And for that, our leather biker jackets are what completes your overall presence with all the features that makes it the perfect option for your regular commute or for a long bike ride. From having simple but classy designs to fashion forward styles and colours this is exactly what our collection is all about.  

 Black or brown asymmetrical zippers or café racer we have everything you need in your biker jacket. Your choice should be the one that can easily be worn in all seasons. In Winter, it might not feel too cold, while in summer it might not let you sweat. Choosing a fabric that is breathable and soft to your skin is really important.

You have plenty of options to go for, like sheepskin, lambskin, and cowhide. While lambskin is considered as the ideal choice with a durability time-period of around 5-6 years. But it would be costlier than other options.

Styles of biker leather Jackets

Although, most bikers prefer the traditional asymmetrical collar jackets, while there are some other options available too. These options are studs, zippers, and hardware. For fur collars, bomber jackets, and for straight collars you have the option of café racer jackets. While you have different options as well and you should choose the style that suits you the best. 

Our Men’s biker jacket collection has all the different colours and styles of jacket. And to know how you should style your biker jacket, the section below is all about that. 

Why is choosing the right fit important?

What would be the purpose of any biker jacket men, if it doesn’t enhance your appearance and give your personality a charm while saving you from dirt, pollution, and any type of weather? There would be no point left. Or if any of the one purpose is being fulfilled then having a simple classic leather jacket would be enough instead of buying a biker jacket NZ. So, that is the reason why you should never compromise on style and it’s fitting. 

If you are confused between two sizes, So, go for the bigger one as it will not only help you get extra layers. But will suit you perfectly if your body grow. Now, let’s move on the most important question which is how to style biker leather jacket. So, let’s move to its answer.

How to style a biker leather jacket?

The Classic Maroon Look

Although black and brown are the most preferred options. But for men’s leather biker jacket this can be the right choice too. As, it not only fits and looks amazing with black, or blue jeans. But it also looks remarkable with a range of footwear like white trainers, or sneakers. 

The supremacy of Black and Brown

Brown and black lead the way of being the most preferred colours in all jackets. And both of the colours are super versatile and give you immense options to wear with it. Some contrasting colours and even the matching colour looks great with it. And if you are a black lover or brown colour fascinates you then we have a diverse range of styles and designs in it. Explore a variety of designs at Leather Jacket NZ and choose authenticity, quality, and comfort at once.

What to look for in leather biker jackets?

Material and Quality

After knowing which material will suit you and affordable to you. You should also assess the quality of it. And if you are ordering it online like with us. So, you should ask about it. While choosing the quality if the jacket material is robust. So, it will only last a year or two. On the other hand, real leather jackets are not robust and can easily be used for 5-7 years if cared for properly.

Important Features

Leather Biker Jacket NZ are not just about style and fashion, It is also about protection, safety and other options. Features that you should look for in a biker jacket man are pockets, extra protection for road injuries, Breathable, fit and comfortable as per your body type.

Frequently Asks Questions

What is the safest and the most affordable option of leather for biker leather jackets?

The most affordable and safest option considered is cowhide. Although lambskin is more durable, it is costlier.

Do biker jackets protect you?

Yes, Biker jackets can protect you but keep in mind that only a piece of leather jacket won’t help in major injuries. But Yes these are helpful to get rid of small scratches etc. and if you wear proper gear and safety accessories then it would be much more safe and secure for the bikers. So, you should wear gloves and all the safety accessories for better protection.

What is the perfect size for a leather biker jacket?

It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. But oversize jackets might work sometimes.  and you should choose the jacket that allows you to move freely and add a bit of layers too.