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Women Biker Jacket


Women’s Biker Leather Jacket

Freedom, thrill, adventure, and escape from the world with a breeze touching you and you feeling peace and joy is what riding a motorcycle gives you. And to enjoy motorcycle riding you should have the gears that should help you keep moving with protection, comfort, and style. 

With other safety gear, a leather biker jacket is also a crucial part of your journey. As, it will not only give you protection from dirt, and chilling weather but also help you maintain style at the same time. These biker jackets become journey partners. So, explore a wide range of leather biker jackets from women at Leather Jacket NZ and give your freedom and motorcycle adventure a new look.

Materials Used In Manufacturing Leather Biker Jackets

At Leather Jacket NZ we use 100% authentic leather and we have a variety of that. We have biker jackets women made from Cowhide, Goatskin, Calfskin, and Sheepskin. All different leathers have different characteristics like Cowhide and Goatskin, which are thicker leathers that are used to provide the most warmth possible. And they are heavy. And they are durable enough. As they do not usually tear, or peel off women’s biker jackets NZ that are made from these leathers easily can be used for 5 to 7 years if cared for properly. On the other hand calfskin, and sheepskin are lighter in weight but their durability is also very good.

Perfect Size Women’s Leather Jackets

While choosing the size for your leather biker jacket NZ you should understand that the fitting of the leather jacket should be enough that you can add multiple layers inside the jacket. And don’t be too long. The best size is about waist height. It shouldn’t be so loose that it will look bigger than your upper body. However, some leather jackets have waist belts in them which help tighten up your body and let it fit perfectly. The sleeves of the jacket end where your palm starts.

Different Colours in Women’s Biker Leather Jacket

Although, black and brown are the most preferred colors because these two colors suit well with many combinations and give a sophisticated look. So, that is why it is usually the first choice for both men and women. But if you want a bold look, you go for red or white jackets. But keep in mind that a white leather biker jacket will attract more dirt and you have to maintain it quite well to get it going for years.

Features of Biker Jacket Women

Provides Comfort

Comfort is the first thing that someone feels when they wear a jacket. And the feel should be comfy. For that, we use genuine leather that remains with your body doesn’t let you feel any harsh weather, and is breathable to help you stay normal. And our team ensures that it gives a soft and easy breezy feel for you.

Styling With Biker Jacket NZ

Now, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort. Leather Jacket NZ understands the significance of both style and comfort and that is why we not only offer designs in Pure leather but also provide options for faux leather jackets. You can go through our range of women’s leather biker jackets and make your bike riding journey memorable.


If you choose a genuine women’s leather biker jacket in NZ it will not help you look gorgeous and provide protection but also remain with you for a long period. If you take good care of the jackets it will easily last 5-7 years.

Frequently Asks Questions

How To Choose The Right Size For Biker Jackets?

Don’t buy a jacket that is too tight in which you aren’t able to add layers. Generally, you need to add extra layers for the winter season. Secondly, the length of the jacket should be to the waist height. Also, make sure that the length of the sleeves should be till the start of your palm.

What To Style With a Women’s Leather Biker Jacket?

For black and brown leather jackets you can wear blue or black jeans. And for footwear, you should wear long brown ankle boots, and add some accessories like gloves, helmets, wristwatches, chains, etc.

Are Women’s Biker Jackets In Trend?

Women’s biker jackets can be worn in any season and you can also wear them other than riding a bike. And because it suits well for casual and semi-formal occasions. So, that is why this style is in trend.

Can I Wear Biker Jackets In Summer?

If you choose a jacket that is made up of lambskin then it is versatile and breathable enough to keep your body cool and don’t let it feel extra heat. Lambskin is lightweight and that is why it is the perfect option which usually has summers.