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Men Bomber Jacket


Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket

A Versatile Attire Option

It is impossible to ignore bomber jackets when discussing jackets and fashion for both men and women. Bomber jacket men were usually first designed for pilots in WWII. Slowly, it became one of men’s most preferred leather jacket options around the globe for both men and women. 

There are numerous reasons behind its popularity, like its versatility and its ideal blend of fashion with function. It keeps the body warm in cold months, provides a fascinating look, and adds more style. We have an incredible range of curated men’s bomber jacket nz which you should discover to give your personality a graceful look. 

What makes Leather Bomber Jackets unique?

Its iconic style and different exceptional designs made it a clear symbol of style for both men and women. For men, it makes their personalities look more graceful and appealing. Because of its versatility, it looks good on both young adults and amateur men, making it the go-to option for both type of men. And because it is easy to fit in with multiple attire options for either a casual outing or you are planning to travel to the mountains and cold areas of the world, this becomes an automatic choice because of its air resistance quality from the outer layer and the inside has usually wool to keep you warm and give your body a perfect temperature. 

Key Features & Facts about Bomber Jacket NZ

Wearable in all Seasons:

Most of the leather jackets are heavy enough to be worn in freezing weather. Bomber leather jacket can easily be used for all seasons. Either you are trying to protect yourself from cold in winter. Or, if you are thinking of going out for a ride on your motorcycle in the autumn season, this jacket easily fits all situations. The two most bought colours in our leather bomber jacket are brown bomber jacket men’s and black bomber jacket men’s. But we have various dark-shaded and light-shaded colours in our collection, which are handpicked, designed and crafted by experienced professionals who know the significance of style and fashion in men’s attire.

Made with Different Material:

Bomber jackets are not only  made from leather, and you can also find silk bomber jackets in men’s and other materials like cotton, nylon, and wool bomber jackets. And because it is available in different materials. So, it increases the option to wear and choose the best material as per your preference. You can also find metallic bomber jacket men’s which is quite a unique option available in bomber jackets. 

What Leather Jacket NZ has been offering in Bomber Jackets?

Range of Multiple Style Options:

Not everyone has identical taste in jackets, and that is why we are offering a wide range of multiple options in it, such as in style, design, or different colours. So, now you have the opportunity to get the most fascinating designs according to different personality preferences. You can explore a range of prints, zip designs, and pocket placements to get yourself the best fit. 


Functionality has been considered the most important factor in jackets. For that, we are highly experienced craftsmen who are experienced enough to make you worthwhile. Keeping your body and providing you with a good style at affordable prices are Leather Jacket NZ’s main objectives. And for that, we never compromise and will never compromise. 

Comfort, Durability & Style:

Comfort, Durability, & Style are the three factors customers don’t want errors in. And to ensure that we have a team that analyzes the quality of the jacket, whether it is a bomber leather jacket or any other jacket. We make sure that our customers get what they ordered. Durability is hidden in the elements that are used in a coat. We use 100% original and authentic material. You can also get a custom leather jacket of your size without error from us.


Styles You Can Pick with Bomber Jacket Men:


Black Bomber Jacket Men’s:

Black Bomber Leather Jacket

A simple black bomber jacket like this can easily be paired with multiple options, and you can quickly wear this for casual wear. You can easily pair it with blue jeans or denim with white sneakers or trainers. This type of simple look adds more grace to the personality of a mature man. So, if you are between 30 and 50, this combination of jeans and long boots is a good combination.


Brown Bomber Jacket Men’s:

Men's Light Brown Suede Bomber Jacket

This type of brown jacket fits perfectly with a black T-shirt inside blue jeans and white or brown sneakers, ankle boots, or high brown boots. You can change the layer with white and choose white shoes, and some metallic accessories significantly change your look. 

Frequently Asks Questions

Are bomber jackets in style?

It is one of the most in-demand types of jackets for both men and women around the globe.

How to wash bomber jacket

To wash your bomber jacket, turn it inside out and put it in the washing machine with cold water for a few minutes.

How to wear a brown bomber jacket

Black jeans, a Black T-shirt and black boots will perfectly combine with brown bomber jackets. 

Where to buy a bomber jacket

Leather Jacket NZ is a trusted seller of all kinds of leather and Faux jackets in New Zealand. You can order from the existing collection or customize it as needed. 

How should a bomber jacket fit

Your bomber jacket should have enough room from the torso areas and chest to access multiple layers easily. But without stopping from movement and with that, not extra loose nor extra tight.