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Men Varsity Jacket


Men’s Varsity Jacket

Raise your Personality’s Charm with Men’s Varsity Jacket

A varsity jacket can be a wow factor in your appearance if you choose the right dark and bright combination. But what is different about varsity jackets from other jackets? And will they look good on me? These two questions might appear in your mind. So, let’s clear your concerns.

As you can see in our collection, our jackets are a combination of two colors. One color is used in the arm section of the coat, while the second is used for the front and back. The jacket has some features like  different-colored strips, patches, names, and logos, which is not the style of any other type of leather jacket. Although motorcycle jacket is a bit similar. The texture, material, and lightweight features make varsity jackets unique and fascinating.

Jump into the modern style game with the variety of men’s leather varsity jackets available at Leather Jacket NZ. We have all the classic designs, a wide range of color combinations, and High-quality jackets crafted with precision to make your off-duty, street style, and sporty look even better.

Reasons to prefer buying varsity jacket men’s

For what reasons do we buy leather jackets? It is to look stylish and feel comfort and warmth, right? But you will find all these qualities in any leather jacket, from men’s bomber jackets to black leather jackets, all made for the same reasons. So, what makes varsity jacket nz differs from others.

Countless Design Options:

Leather jackets are usually available in single colors like blue, brown, black, etc. But you can choose almost any color from the palette and get a varsity jacket. Countless combinations, Single colored, double-coloured, dark-shaded, light-shaded, every type of color and design you can get in a varsity jacket very easily. 

Customizing Options:

Customers have the option to customize their motorcycle leather jackets and can add patches, logos, etc. Exactly the same goes for varsity jackets. You can easily customize them according to your preferences. You can either add name initials (which is the most common preferred option) or get a logo in patches, etc. This enhances the overall look of the varsity jacket and your personality, too. 

Fit, Comfortable, Stylish and Versatile:

All of the four features mentioned above are present in a varsity jacket. But the thing to consider for the customer is that don’t buy dull or cheap varsity jackets men. Instead, buy premium quality varsity jackets with exquisite designs to upgrade your fashion and lifestyle. You can explore some really incredibly crafted men’s leather varsity jackets at excellent, affordable prices at Leather Jacket NZ. 

Ways to Style Varsity Jacket Men for Astonishing & Charismatic Personalities:

The Black and Gray Look:


Bomber Varsity Jacket


Black and gray varsity is the ultimate choice for varsity jacket lovers. And because it can be paired with many options like blue ripped jeans with a black tee inside, it will give your personality a dashing touch. It can be worn for casual outings and will also suit your nightlife. A simple yet stylish look with some accessories makes your appearance even better.

The Classic Varsity Jacket Look:

If you prefer a simple, dynamic look, this look is ideal for you. You can choose any of your favorite colors of a varsity jacket and then pair it with black pants. Denim, jeans, or chinos all work best. 

A simple black and white, blue and white or white and brown will give you the most complete look. For the footwear, the choice is up to you. For a brown varsity bomber jacket NZ, you can pair it with brown trainers or sneakers.

The Street Style look:

For casual outings, you need a perfectly balanced look, and a men’s varsity jacket gives precisely that. The options in this section are limitless. You can wear a red and black varsity jacket with black pants, and any trendy shoes like black and white sneakers will give you the right balance of style and comfort. Some metallic accessories with varsity jacket mens nz like name initials or logo patches, can also work extremely well for your street style look.

Frequently Asks Questions

Are varsity jackets cool?

YES, it’s cool enough to wear for any casual outing, street style, or off-duty wear. At Leather Jacket NZ, you can explore countless cool options to elevate your attire. With available customization options, you can easily customize it to suit your personality. 

How to make a varsity jacket?

You can use leather or wool as a fabric and contrasting sleeves, understand the size, and measure everything for a perfect fit. Cut the fabric accordingly and then sew it with precision with a heavy-duty machine to make it a quality varsity leather jacket. Adding buttons, collars, and sleeves or customization as per the customer wants are the next steps. 

How do you fix the button on the varsity jacket?

Suppose your varsity jacket’s button differs from your choice or comes out. So, it would help if you took it to a professional tailor for an error-free button installation. However, you can add it on your own by cutting the buttons’ threads and then sewing it with your hands or machines.

When were varsity jackets in style?

In the 80s, varsity jackets were very popular. Also,these jackets are popular even today, but this is an enhanced and upgraded version of jackets from the 80s.