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Women Bomber Jacket


Bomber Jackets For Women

Adapt Fashion And Grace With Bomber Jacket Women

Bomber Jackets were made for pilots during the Second World War to help soldiers protect themselves from freezing temperatures in the cockpit. But it started to become an essential piece of wardrobe for civilians. It gradually becomes an option for them to find fashion, warmth, and comfort at the highest level. First, it became popular amongst men, then women also found this jacket type fascinating, and then women’s bomber jackets became a category.

This is for all women who want to adopt an attractive fashion and look incredibly good for casual and semi-formal events. Explore our range of women’s bomber jackets in NZ and get the best leather bomber jacket as per your needs.

Trending Colours In Women’s Bomber Jacket

Black Bomber Jacket Women’s

The most preferred color for leather jackets in men and women. And there are plenty of reasons behind it: Versatility, adaptability, functionality, and plenty of designs are what make this color the most considered color.

It looks classy and stylish on men and women. Whether you want a simple and sophisticated look or a more casual look, this color suits almost every personality.

Brown Bomber Leather Jacket

Brown is the second most favorite color amongst men and women for jackets. And why wouldn’t it be? With its ability to highlight your personality, suit plenty of wardrobe options, and look amazing casually, semi-formally, and even for formal clothing it is a perfect choice.

Wear it as a fashion bomber jacket for women or casual outings. But pair it with suitable options to get a refreshing look. Its different shades give you more options to style up and conquer the day.

Red Bomber Leather Jacket

Red is a bold color that shows confidence in one’s personality. It is an excellent option for women who want to adapt and show an inspiring, daring personality. Red is considered a really attractive color, and it can positively impact the viewer as it can send a strong positive vibe. You can also style with many options pretty easily. 

Green Women’s Bomber Jacket

A very underrated yet fantastic color that can put more sophistication and elegance in the personality. And its darker shade looks sensationally good with black. having said that. Let’s discuss your styling options with our women’s bomber jacket NZ.

Women Bomber Leather Jacket Style Guide

The Hoodie Bomber Jacket Style

This is an incredible styling option that not only helps you protect yourself from winter but also gives you a fashion-forward look. You can choose any trending color. But for a distinct and stylish combination, you can wear a green hooded bomber jacket for women with a black shirt inside. Black leggings or blue distressed jeans will make a prominent casual look. With that, you can wear white sneakers.

The Casual Look

For a more casual look, you can wear a standard women’s Aviator Jacket. The color choice is yours, but choosing from trending colors like black, brown, red, green, etc will be good. You can wear trousers, shorts, a crop top, a T-shirt, and trending sneakers to complete a casual look. 

Stylish Look With Oversized Bomber Jacket Women

Oversized jackets give a relaxed vibe and stylish look if they match the suitable options. Whatever color you choose, you should go for contrasting colors, Like blue and brown oversized leather bomber jackets for women you can wear a green bomber jacket in women’s plus size and pair it with black trousers or jeans, and for the inner layer, you can wear a white T-shirt. And for footwear, you can wear long ankle boots or loafers, which will make a classy combination. 

Frequently Asks Questions

What Should Women Wear With a Black Bomber Jacket?

If you are styling for a casual look, you can wear a T-shirt inside with distressed jeans, white sneakers, and some accessories. You can also wear a hoodie under this jacket. For a sophisticated look, wear a black shirt inside, blue denims or chinos, and derbies for shoes.

How Do I Wear a White Bomber Jacket?

A white bomber jacket makes an excellent combination of blue, black, and brown. So, you can wear a black shirt inside, as it will look like a personality highlighter, or a white shirt with simple blue jeans or distressed jeans with black oxfords, derbies, or long boots.

How To Make a Bomber Jacket Smaller?

To shrink it, you must put your jacket into a washing machine with the hottest water and the longest cycle. But remember that you don’t have to put detergent in it, as it will shrink without it.

How To Style a Bomber Jacket?

It depends on the color and type of bomber jacket you choose. If you choose a black or brown jacket, pairing it with a white T-shirt, blue jeans, denim, or distressed jeans with sneakers is the most formidable option. Women can also wear heels for a more casual and stylish look.