Return & Exchange

Leather Jacket NZ aims to provide the finest products made from premium materials; we ensure that everything from design to the final product is perfect, and customer satisfaction is our first priority. Hence, the below policies will apply if a customer wants to exchange or return any product.

NOTE: Please make sure that you accept the terms and conditions mentioned on our website. So, if you don’t accept any clause, refrain from purchasing products from us.

Important Note: The exchange or return policy will apply if the product is unworn/unused. The product must have its original packaging and tags to claim return or exchange.

Exchange Policy:

The exchange policy is NOT applicable for customized orders.

In exchange or return, the customer must pay the shipping charges for both ways. 1. The customer has to pay the shipping charges to send their product back to our warehouse. 2. They must also pay the shipping charges from our warehouse to the customer’s location.

Free shipping is NOT applicable on exchanged and returned products.

Customers have to wait 3-5 BUSINESS days after sending the product to our warehouse. Once we receive the product, our quality assurance team will analyze the whole product. Ensure that the product is unworn/unused, it might take us 2 to 3 weeks to send the exchanged products.

Return Policy:

Leather Jacket NZ has a quality assurance team that evaluates the quality of each product, and that’s how we deliver the perfect product to our customers. The Return policy will only be applicable under the circumstances below:

  • If you get an order different from what you ordered, then the return policy is applicable.
  • If the delivered product is dented, damaged, or not in the condition to be worn, the return policy applies.
  • Suppose if the size/measurement differs from the order, then the return policy will apply.

Leather Jacket NZ reserves FULL RIGHT to REFUSE the customer’s refund, return, or exchange claim as per the situation. So, to ensure we accept your claim, you should provide a legitimate reason, Because Leather Jacket NZ does NOT accept claims for generic reasons.

If you have to claim an exchange or return, then you should claim it within 15 days of receiving your order. After that time, NO exchange or return policy will be applicable.

Leather Jacket NZ reserves the right to refuse any Return or exchange claims for products that the customer damages. Or, in rare cases, damages within the shipment process.