Women Hooded Flying Aviator Jacket

Women Hooded Flying Aviator Leather Jacket

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Size Guide How To Measure
Person ChestSizejacket chestsleevesshoulderslength
34 to 36 INCHESXXS402517.525
36 to 38 INCHESXS4225.51826
39 to 40 INCHESS4425.51826
41 to 42 INCHESM462618.526.5
43 to 44 INCHESL4826.51927
43 to 46 INCHESXL52272028
47 to 48 INCHES2XL5427.520.528
49 to 50 INCHES3XL5627.52128.5
51 to 52 INCHES4XL582821.529
53 to 54 INCHES5XL6028.52229
BUST SIZESizejacket BUSTLENGTHsleeves shoulders
30 to 31 INCHESXXS35242415.5
32 to 33 INCHESXS3624.52416
34 to 35 INCHESS3824.51824.516.5
36 to 37 INCHESM402524.517
38 to 39 INCHESL4225.52517.2
40 to 41 INCHESXL4425.525.517.5
42 to 43 INCHES2XL46262618
44 to 45 INCHES3XL48262618
46 to 47 INCHES4XL5026.526.518.5
48 to 49 INCHES5XL5226.52718.5
--2 YEARS362118--
--3 YEARS392219--
--4 YEARS412320--
--5 YEAR5432421--
--6 YEAR5462522--
--7 YEAR5482623--
--8 YEAR5502724--
--9 YEAR5532825--
--10 YEAR5552927--
--12 YEAR5623029--
--14 YEAR5623131--
--16 YEAR5673433--


  • Fur Collar with Hoodie
  • Fur Lining inside
  • Front Zipper Closure
  • Two Side Zippered Pockets
  • Long Sleeves with Fur Lined Cuffs
  • Genuine Leather

Women’s Hooded Flying Aviator Leather Jacket

Look fashionable with our Women’s Hooded Flying Aviator Leather Jacket. Our jacket is made to the epitome of sophistication keeping both timeless style and contemporary fashion in mind. Made from pure leather, our  Aviator Flying  Leather  Jacket is long-lasting and offers comfort throughout the day. Whether exploring the city or embarking on a weekend adventure on a chilly night, our hooded leather jacket is enough to keep you cozy with its incredible hoodie collar with the fur lining inside. Moreover, its aviator silhouette combined with the long ribbed fur cuffs, two-sided zipper pockets and front zipper closure gives you a flattering look with the leather material, making a fashion statement.

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4 reviews for Women Hooded Flying Aviator Leather Jacket

  1. Sarah Davis

    Sarah Davis


    This jacket has become my go-to winter staple due to its combines and versatility. From a hood to keep me warm to multiple pockets, this jacket has everything I was looking for. I highly recommend this to those looking to make a style statement.

  2. Jessica Lee

    Jessica Lee


    I have been wearing this jacket for some time now and honestly, they never disappoint. Made with genuine leather, this jacket feels so soft. The best part is that they are durable and stylish. I am going to buy it again in the future.

  3. Alice Wilson

    Alice Wilson


    If you are looking for something to keep you warm yet give a cute fit, then I would recommend buying this jacket. At such a low price, it is an incredible piece of clothing that will enhance your wardrobe.

  4. Jasmine Rodriguez

    Jasmine Rodriguez


    This hooded jacket is iconic for a reason. It is incredibly comfortable and perfect to wear all day long. The design is timeless while the material is soft. What I liked the most is that it goes with every outfit.

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