Men`s Stylish Black Matte Lightweight Puffer Jacket
lightweight matte finish puffer jacket side black
black matte finish lightweight puffer jacket detail

Men`s Stylish Black Matte Finish Lightweight Puffer Jacket

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Sizing Infoasd
Size Guide How To Measure
Person ChestSizejacket chestsleevesshoulderslength
34 to 36 INCHESXXS402517.525
36 to 38 INCHESXS4225.51826
39 to 40 INCHESS4425.51826
41 to 42 INCHESM462618.526.5
43 to 44 INCHESL4826.51927
43 to 46 INCHESXL52272028
47 to 48 INCHES2XL5427.520.528
49 to 50 INCHES3XL5627.52128.5
51 to 52 INCHES4XL582821.529
53 to 54 INCHES5XL6028.52229
BUST SIZESizejacket BUSTLENGTHsleeves shoulders
30 to 31 INCHESXXS35242415.5
32 to 33 INCHESXS3624.52416
34 to 35 INCHESS3824.51824.516.5
36 to 37 INCHESM402524.517
38 to 39 INCHESL4225.52517.2
40 to 41 INCHESXL4425.525.517.5
42 to 43 INCHES2XL46262618
44 to 45 INCHES3XL48262618
46 to 47 INCHES4XL5026.526.518.5
48 to 49 INCHES5XL5226.52718.5
--2 YEARS362118--
--3 YEARS392219--
--4 YEARS412320--
--5 YEAR5432421--
--6 YEAR5462522--
--7 YEAR5482623--
--8 YEAR5502724--
--9 YEAR5532825--
--10 YEAR5552927--
--12 YEAR5623029--
--14 YEAR5623131--
--16 YEAR5673433--


Shell: 100% Polyester
Filler: 90% Gray duck down
Big flap pocket
Elastic band waist
Button and zipper closure

Men’s Black Matte Finish Stylish Lightweight Puffer Jacket

Introducing our Men’s stylish black matte finish lightweight puffer jacket that gives you a modern look with a hint of classic. Having been made with 100% polyester and 80% gray duck down filler, this men’s puffer jacket is easy to wear in the winter allowing you to stay comfortable and warm. The matte black color enhances its look more, whereas the elastic band waits to elevate your look. So whether you go for a transitional style or layer it up with high necks or coats, our black puffer jacket for men is so lightweight that you won’t even feel it. The best part is that it offers both button and zip closure allowing you to choose accordingly. It also has a big flap pocket allowing you to carry your essentials.


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2 reviews for Men`s Stylish Black Matte Finish Lightweight Puffer Jacket

  1. David Lopez

    David Lopez


    Woah! This jacket is everything I wanted. From the flattering fit to soft fabric and stylish design, this jacket deserves a five-star rating.

  2. Ross Thompson

    Ross Thompson


    This brand has become my favourite place for leather jackets. I recently bought this puffer jacket and can’t stop wearing it due to how comfortable it is. Definitely a worthy purchase.

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