How to Soften Leather Jacket?

15 May

If you own something made of pure leather, then it would be great if you also considered buying leather softeners. Although leather is durable, it is Durable enough to last many years if cared for properly.

But sometimes leather becomes Dried out, Cracked, and stiff with time. If your leather jacket is also becoming hard, dry, or stiff, you should use one of our methods given below to soften it.

Ways to soften your Leather Jacket:

Below are four methods for you to soften your leather jackets. So, let’s jump into it.

  • Natural Oil
  • Leather Softener
  • Leather Softening Conditioner
  • Vaseline and Alcohol

1st Method: Natural Oils

Leather jackets become challenging because of their age or because they are worn for too long in dry conditions. To maintain the jacket’s softness, you can use natural oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.

To apply this method, you just need to put some oil on a clean and soft cloth and rub the jacket gently in a circular motion to avoid damaging it.

Ensure you cover the whole jacket, and then let the jacket soak in the oil for half an hour. After, clean your jacket with a soft and dry cloth. And you will immediately realize the difference as your coat will be suppler and pliable.

2nd Method: Use Specialized Leather Softener:

There are plenty of leather jacket softeners available in the market. You can use them to maintain the jacket’s original moisture and quality.

If your jacket becomes dry or hard, using a leather softener can restore the damage and make it new. Leather Jacket softener will penetrate the leather jacket and give the oils or nutrients needed in the leather.

These softeners will help your leather jacket prevent cracking and drying in the future.

3rd Method Leather Softening Conditioner:

Another method to soften your leather jacket and maintain its durability is to use leather conditioners. These conditioners provide the essential elements that genuine leather needs to be in shape and last long.

One thing you should remember when buying leather conditioners is to buy conditioners based on the leather of your jacket. Plenty of different types of leather are used in making leather jackets. The most common ones are Suede, Nubuck, Goatskin, and Sheepskin leather.

To use this method, you can simply put some conditioner onto a clean, soft cloth and rub every area of the jacket circularly. Applying it regularly can increase the life of the leather.

After applying it, let it dry for some minutes and then wipe it off the leather jacket.

4th Method: Vaseline and Alcohol

The 4th method is to use a combination of Vaseline and alcohol. To use this method, put a little alcohol on a cloth and rub it on the jacket to moisturize it.

Then, use another cloth to apply Vaseline to the jacket. The Vaseline will Vaseline the jacket while it travels into its fibers. Avoid using too much alcohol, as it can damage the leather and crack it. If you do not feel any difference, you can also repeat the process.

Some Tips to Avoid Your Jacket Becoming Stiff:

  1. Leather jackets are made of animal skin, and that is why they need proper care, like essential nutrients and oils. If they get too dry, they will show cracks, and their durability will decrease. So, to maintain their quality, you have to take good care of your jacket.
  2. Try to avoid direct sunlight. Like human skin, animal skin can be damaged by too long in the sun. You should store it in a cool and dry place.
  3. While storing it, you should keep it separate from any other material that might stick to or rub against it.
  4. Don’t let your leather jackets get too wet. Water is not good for leather jackets. If you want a jacket that you can wear in the rainy season, you can buy a puffer jacket. These are usually waterproof.


Four methods are available to soften your leather jackets; The first method is to use natural oils like Olive oil or jojoba oil, apply it, let it dry for 30 minutes and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth. The second method is to use a leather softener, apply it, rub it, let the jacket soak for some time and wipe it off. The third method is to use leather conditioners. Lastly, you can use a combination of Vaseline and alcohol to soften your skin.

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