How to style a leather jacket?

15 May

One of the most iconic menswear pieces is a leather jacket. Either you just want to be warm in chilling weather. Or you want something stylish and cozy as well, Leather jackets is the finest option.

A leather jacket looks even classier and stylish if paired with the right combinations. It is not only a fine option for men; women also consider these jackets versatile enough to wear all year round.

Whether you are choosing for a casual outing, an event or a party, this is the option that you can adapt easily with plenty of options available. But the question is how to style a leather jacket properly. And in this post we are going to discuss some of the most effective and classy combinations for both men and women. So, let’s jump into it.

Best Options to Wear with a Leather Jacket:

 1) Jeans, T-shirt and Sneakers:

A classic casual and street-style look looks fine on both men and women. Whether you have a black, brown, or any other colored leather jacket, pair it with simple or distressed jeans, a white or black T-shirt, and white sneakers.

2) Boots and Sweater:

For Men:

A perfect combination for winter is to wear a sweater as an inside layer, pairing it with jeans, and for footwear, you can add long boots. For extra warmth, wear a winter cap, gloves, and mufflers. Pairing it with sunglasses or wristwatch as accessories to the wardrobe can enhance the look even further.

For women:

Women can pair leather jackets with sweater dresses, as it will help you fight against chilling weather with style and a confident look.

3) Hoodie and Sneakers:

Adding a hoodie is another dynamic option that adds warmth and versatility to your daily attire. A hoodie can be a remarkable option for going out with friends, A night out, or a party.

Pair your leather jacket with a contrasting-coloured hoodie, which will not only work as a highlighter but also give you an instant cool and fascinating look.

This look is for both men and women or if any women want to try something different, then pairing your leather jacket with a maxi dress with heels or boots can give you a fascinating look.

4) Chinos, Shirt and derbies:

For a semi-formal event, pair your leather jacket with a shirt, chinos, and derbies. If you have a black leather jacket, you can pair it with a white shirt as an inside layer. Pair it with derbies and chinos to create an incredible look for any outing. But make sure that you bought leather jacket from a prominent name, like Leather Jacket NZ for durable leather jackets.

Additional Options for Women:

5) Black Leather Jackets styling:

An all-black combination is sophisticated yet stylish and effective for many occasions; this combination works wonders for lunch, a date, an office meeting, a college outing, and even for night outs.

A classic black Biker Leather Jacket with a black mini skirt, top, maxi, slip skirt, or even shirt with jeans and long black boots is really a sensational look for women.

6) Jacket with leggings:

You should have an oversized leather jacket in your wardrobe to pair with leggings. You can wear sandals, socks, sneakers, or trainers to complete your look.

7) High Waist-Trousers:

Pair your black leather jacket with high-waist trousers and blouse. If you have any of the two most versatile and preferred colours of leather jackets, which are black or brown. So, you can easily pair it up with plenty of options. However, one effortless yet classic combination with black leather jackets is a black blouse and blue high-waist trousers. So, it would be perfect for a day-off look, Or you can wear it for your office or college, with loafers or heels.

8)  As a Personality Highlighter:

So, to make a bold and confident statement, you can wear a brown oversized leather jacket with a skirt and black boots. You can also wear a a red leather jacket, which shows confidence and highlights your personality even better.

9) Skirt with heels:

For winter, you can wear a leather jacket with a skirt or min skirt and heels or long black boots to give yourself warmth and style while following the latest trends.

However, you can try many different combinations, as per the colour and dynamics of your leather jacket. And leather jackets can easily be worn in winter, autumn and spring. So, choose according to the weather of your area.

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