What to Wear With A Leather Jacket?

22 May

Leather jackets have been a prominent part of the daily wardrobes of both men and women. It not only helps in keeping you warm but also keeps you stylish and fashion-forward. But it had to be paired with the ideal combinations to attain style with comfort.

And if you own a leather jacket or want to buy one, but don’t know what colour to choose that suits you perfectly. So, we have this guide for you to understand styles, designs, and combinations and choose the ideal option for yourself.

What to Wear Under Leather Jacket?

1) White Shirt with a Black/Brown Leather Jacket:

The most straightforward yet classical style for men who want to look more sophisticated and attractive is picking a brown or black leather jacket with a white shirt or T-shirt.

This highlights your personality; you can pair various options like regular jeans and chinos. You can wear distressed jeans and sneakers for a more casual look.

2) Brown pants with blue formal shirt and jacket:

Not just for casual, you can wear leather jackets for formal and semi-formal events. For a top-notch semi-formal or formal setting, you can wear a black or brown coat with a blue shirt inside, with a contrasting coloured tie and brown pants with derbies or oxfords.

This combination is perfect for your daily office routine, a formal lunch or a meetup, and both men and women can wear it. However, women can wear skirts or miniskirts instead of shirts, but wearing a shirt or sweater are good options.

3) Black shirt, Black jeans and white Sneakers:

Want an attractive look without letting sophistication go out of hand? One formidable option that both men and women can adopt is to wear a classic black leather jacket with a black shirt, black denim pants, and white sneakers.

This combination of black and white sneakers makes a perfect outfit for any season. It is suitable for men and women and can be an ideal attire for casual outings if you add accessories like glasses, a chain, a wristwatch, etc so it will glow your personality even more..

4) Informal And Formal style:

For your formal and informal style, you can wear Premium leather jackets, and for a combination, you can wear a shirt, a tie, and a vest with formal pants and shoes like oxfords or derbies.

This is a vintage formal style that people in the early and mid-90s wore as casual wear.

5) Motorcycle jacket with black combination:

A motorcycle jacket is also a very stylish option for any event. It looks great on every gender, making it versatile for a motorcycle adventure Or casual event.

A brown motorcycle leather jacket will make a deadly combo with a black shirt inside, black jeans or denim, and long black boots. Accessories like biking gloves, a muffler, and glasses will polish your look even more.

6) Light-coloured shirts, distressed jeans/ skirts, Shoes/ heels:

If you want to make a statement about your look, then you can wear colours other than black and brown. So, you can pick another colour like white or maroon.

For females, there are plenty of options and designs available to pair with incredible options. For example, females can wear pink, red, white, Cream, and purple. With this, you can simply pair a light-coloured shirt like white or a dark shade for a fantastic combination.

After choosing a shirt, skirt, or top, you can add a handbag, glasses, and a hat. And for footwear, heels will go best, but you can pair them with simple trainers as well.

7) Shearling Leather Jacket with black shirt and pants:

Shearling leather jacket gives a feel of lavish and richness with comfort and style. Its unique design makes it a beautiful and classic wardrobe piece that increases your daily formal and casual styling.

So, this stylish leather jacket gives leverage to the wearer. If you have a brown shearling jacket, you can wear a black shirt with black pants and long black boots; to complete your look, you can wear accessories like glasses and chains to enhance your presence and make your look even better.


Firstly, you can adopt plenty of styles and pair many combinations with leather jackets. A white shirt or T-shirt is the most straightforward and stylish option, perfect for casual outings. Secondly, another option is to wear brown pants, blue jeans, and a leather jacket. The third option is to wear a black shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers.

Also, some other options are a shearling jacket with a black shirt and pants, light-coloured shirts, distressed jeans, and shoes/ heels with a jacket. Lastly, motorcycle jacket with black combination and vintage formal style of leather jacket with vest tie and shirt.

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