How To Wash A Leather Jacket?

15 May

Leather jackets are not cheap, and if you have one, you probably want to make it as new as possible. You need to take good care of it. If you are here, this means you are interested in it. So, in this post, I will share some methods, their implementation, do’s and don’ts, and everything that is crucially related to maintaining your leather jacket.

Tools and Materials you need:

You need the following tools if you follow my instructions and methods ( Which are 100% effective). The tools and materials that you need to clean your leather jackets are

  1. Soft Cloth
  2. Soft Sponge
  3. Leather jacket conditioner
  4. Mild detergent / Soap
  5. Leather jacket cleaning wipes

Important Instructions:

  1. I talked to some experts and according to experts and information on leather jacket websites, you should clean your leather jacket every six months to one year. However, check it after you wear it to spot if any stains or moisture are present.
  2. It is also essential to know the type of jacket you are cleaning. Nubuck, suede, and vegan leather jackets all have different care instructions. If you ask me you should know your leather jacket type or some the seller about it.

Step-by-step guide to clean leather Jackets:

STEP 1) Daily Cleaning:

You want to wear it for years, Right? Then it is essential to keep your leather jacket clean after every use. However, you don’t need to wash it ( Never go a machine wash, I repeat Never). You should clean it with a soft and dry cloth, and don’t let the heavy stains stay on the leather jacket. For daily cleaning, you can use leather jacket cleaning wipes. A simple soft cloth will also work fine.

STEP 2) Us Sponge and water:

So, the second step is to use a sponge with water. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t dip the sponge too much. It would be best not to let the sponge drip.

Bolt the affected area from the sponge and then gently clean it. Don’t rub your leather jacket too much; it will reduce its durability and possibly cause it to lose its color.

STEP 3) Mild Detergent / Soap and Water Mixture:

The third step is to use a mild detergent or a soap solution, or you can also use a liquid dishwashing liquid as the leather jacket cleanser. And then dip the sponge or cloth into the solution or detergent to clean the jacket and gently blot the area. Whether you have a men’s or Women’s leather jacket, the cleaning process is the same. But it differs a bit in different leather types.

STEP 4) Use Leather Jacket Cleaning Wipes:

Fourthly, leather jacket cleaning wipes are available on the market and work like a soft, wet cloth. These are used if a stain remains after cleaning the jacket with the solution.

STEP 5) Rinse it off:

Now that you are done cleaning rinse off every solution or cleaning material.

STEP 6) Let it dry:

You can use a towel or a dry cloth to dry your leather jacket quickly. Also, don’t put it in direct sunlight, as it is the biggest enemy of its durability.


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How to Wash Stains from a Leather Jacket?

So, with the process mentioned above, you can effortlessly clean simple, daily-occurring dirt or moisture. But what if your jackets have hard stains like food, ink, makeup oil, paint, alcohol, hair, or milk products? And, in this scenario, the best solution is to take them to someone who is an expert in dry cleaning leather jacket stains.

Process of Cleaning Leather Jacket’s Lining:

STEP 1) Check the jacket Label:

The information regarding cleaning the lining of the leather jackets is usually mentioned inside the jacket label.

STEP 2) Use Less Cleaning Products:

You can use soap and water, but remember not to use too much soap or cleaning material because using it more might dull the jacket’s color.

STEP 3) Rinse it off:

So, after cleaning, rinse off all the detergent or cleaning material. And dry it with a towel or cloth. Also, turn the jacket inside out to let it dry.

STEP 4) Dry:

You can put it where direct sunlight is approaching to speed up the drying process (BUT IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED). Then, let it dry in a cool, dry place.

Key Takeaways:

To wash your leather jacket, you can use leather jacket cleaning wipes, soap or water solution, and mild detergent and gently blot the affected area, Don’t rub it too much and then rinse off any cleaning material present on the jacket. Lastly, let it dry in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.

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